Afterlife Bots – A useless man’s Petition

No, neither am I a Ted-well-known Tech geek religious guru nor am I in contact with the afterlife. i’m simply curious about the buzzwords “gadget learning” and “AI” and a bit crushed with the aid of the wide variety of articles mentioning the ones phrases on my information feed.

I consider studying a line in a information article that “Bots have become higher at imitating human beings”. Why no longer hire one and reduce workload by way of 50%. properly, I think we’re running toward it.

Google these days announced that their AI-enabled assistant (with 6 voices) can e book a hair-cut appointment seamlessly (well I need a shave as well, and i need it to move and do grocery shopping handpicking the most up to date tomatoes from the lot).

Jokes apart: kudos to the team of notable scientists, engineers, and others who’re running day and night time to make this take place.

Coming lower back to my authentic tale.

allow’s begin with Human existence (and relationships) – information gathering

“quite a digital global”. we’re shooting and storing our non-public lifestyles events as much as we can digitally (thanks to social media, outside tough disks, and pen-drives). Why now not keep our entire lifestyles in a 1000 Petabyte garage device. seize every 2d – movements, events, habits, choices, and so forth. imagine if we can see and enjoy our mother and father’ childhood or see “What all Mahatma Gandhi did in his whole lifestyles”. thrilling right?

we all realize how fast robotics, system mastering, and AI are evolving.

What if we combine robotics, machine gaining knowledge of, and human lifestyles records? can we create a human duplicate bot which could reply similarly, make decisions similarly, have comparable behavior basis the a thousand Petabyte information fed. All in all, can that bot be my alternative after my dying?. Can or not it’s my AFTER-life BOT?

actually, not anything can replace a lifeless individual. i used to be now not lucky to look my grandfather or meet him. but will my first-rate grand/grandkids recognize approximately me? the solution is I do now not recognise. we all are striving tough to leave a legacy behind us. Why not use robots and machine intelligence to copy ourselves. We do have ample quantity of records to feed ~seventy nine years (common age of human being) or ~2 Billion moments. don’t you want your superb grandkids to recollect you after you are gone?

With a simple Google seek, I got a information article citing “mind Clone” – the concept of importing the reminiscences, mind, and feelings of a person into a computer. It mentions that the agencies such as, Gordon Bell’s MyLifeBits, and Terasem’s Lifenaut are all pursuing mind Clone to assist a person’s character, paintings and relationships live on after demise.

I virtually hope this idea to grow exponentially and who is aware of “Milind2122” might be replying to the comments underneath after 200 years.

Disclaimer: Please recall the content material and ideas as figments of the creativeness of a sleepless middle-age guy striving tough to hold his brain functioning.

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